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Hemp Plant Nursery has been acknowledged as one of San Jose’s top growers of marijuana clones. Loftier and substantiated cannabis genetics are what make us the best. Our standard is never second best. Our products are only made at hand after they have flowered, for a quality guarantee that the best genetics are picked out and the awaited phenotypes are safeguarded. To confirm that our marijuana clones are always of elevated quality, all cuts are cared for in our nursery until they have flowered and are cautiously examined by our cultivators for the actual genetics.
The cloning procedure permits us to reproduce the best quality plants in the fastest time possible. Our clones are cut from sky-scraping parents, given about 14 days to make roots of their own, and then carefully packaged and handed over to our dearest clients. One and all plants is an inherited copy of the parent plant. Starting with a seed may allow a lot of variation with each new plant.
We clone a wide variety of potent strains to serve our clients. Whatever you need, we are your trusted resource for clones. We have the classics, but we are always on the lookout for what is fresh and new.

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Petro chem

The make use of marijuana, either medicinally or recreationally, has never been more widely accepted than it is nowadays. but ,just because you have options

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Gmo Cookies

GMO Cookies uneven nugs are somewhat smaller than the median. But what they lack in size, they make up for with sheer shade. The beautiful

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Runtz delivers an electrifying and stimulate high augmented by delicious sugary tastes.  Breeders silhouette this powerhouse strain to produce massive amounts of THC, a palatable

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Peanut butter breath

Named after its astonishing insane savour, Peanut Butter Breath imparts a fresh  herbal aroma with clue of citrus and lavender. ThugPug Genetics transcend Do-Si-Dos  with

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At hemp plant nursery we gift legally grown medical-grade quality cannabis plant products, We are here to assist your growing experience.

We charge for consulting and ongoing customer support and are available to help you select free clones and grow products best suited to your needs.
Also, erase the whole last paragraph because I don’t have any seeds only clones