Cannabis plant

Weed, (sort Cannabis), variety of therapeutic, sporting, and fiber plants having a place with the family Cannabaceae. By certain characterizations, the variety Cannabis contains a solitary animal types, hemp (Cannabis sativa), a heavy, sweet-smelling, erect yearly spice that began in Central Asia and is presently developed around the world. A tall canelike assortment is raised for the development of hemp fiber, while the female plants of a short branchier assortment are valued as the more bountiful wellspring of the psychoactive substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the dynamic element of cannabis. See likewise clinical marijuana.


Cannabis plant
Blooming Marijuana plant with white Flowers trichomes, Growing cannabis sativa leaves, medical marihuana

Morphological contrasts in wild and developed types of marijuana have presented ordered vulnerabilities. Henceforth, notwithstanding C. sativa, a few researchers think about the variety as including a subsequent animal categories, C. indica, and surprisingly a third, C. ruderalis. These two species are additionally here and there treated as subspecies of C. sativa.

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