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Gmo Cookies

Gmo Cookies

Gmo Cookies
Gmo Cookies


GMO Cookies uneven nugs are somewhat smaller than the median. But what they lack in size, they

make up for with sheer shade. The beautiful highly saturated nugs are painted in beautiful

gradients of green and purple that track into the crevices. The nugs are also covered in a bright 

cage of orange hairs that trail all over the surfaces and project from every inch of the intricate bud.

Taking after its parents, the GMO Cookies strain also showcases an intense trichome layer. This fuzzy 

forest of crystallized hair is sticky to the touch and leaves a film of resin on the finger after 

handling. The tacky substance is the very stuff that contains the strain’s terpenes and cannabinoids 

which is pretty generously produced by the GMO Cookie’s aggressive trichome expression.

And on the note of aromas, the strain wafts with the scent of citrus and torrid fruit that intertwines 

with spice. But as you continue to take a few extra whiffs, it releases a strong petrol undertone that 

might slightly soil that ultra pleasant facade. Veterans might come to love the slight contrast, but if 

you’re a low forbearance user, the punch of gasoline might just push you to question what your senses are 

picking up.That initial toke will send a slice of spice slashing through your throat and lungs, perhaps 

inducing a coughing fit if you’re not entirely used to the feeling of abrasive, aggressive smoke pushing 

its way through. The other flavor notes – citrus, fruit, and gasoline – seem to fight for center stage, 

creating something of a battle across your taste buds. As you pick up one taste, another comes to the 

forefront, so you can never really focus on a single flavor at a time.Then of course, there are the effects.

The strain delivers a strong wave of relaxation and calm that washes over the system.