Peanut butter breath

hemp, plant, cannabis

Named after its astonishing insane savour, Peanut Butter Breath imparts a fresh

 herbal aroma with clue of citrus and lavender. ThugPug Genetics transcend Do-Si-Dos

 with Mendo Breath to create a mouth-watering, balanced hybrid that’s loaded with THC.

The strain’s light-green and purple buds sprout bright orange hairs through a thick 

layer of trichomes. Peanut Butter Breath won first place in Toronto’s 2019 Karma Cup

 in the Indica category. The strain also earned third place in the diverse Light

 category in Northern California’s 2018 Emerald Cup.Some consumers swear by Peanut

 Butter Breath as a Sunday forenoon hangover cure. If you decide to give it a try, make

 sure you don’t have anything important to do. This strain packs a wallop with a THC

 multiple of up to 25%. It’s no wonder the big kids love Peanut Butter Breath.

Peanut Butter Breath is well-suited for unwinding after work in the evening. Although 

it’s only 50% indica, Peanut Butter Breath has a strong couch-lock effect, making it

 an excellent choice for evenings. True to its name, Peanut Butter Breath stimulates

 appetite and causes cottonmouth. You’ll want to have some munchies and something to

 drink nearby when you partake in this lip-smacking strain.