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Trop Cookie x Animal Cookies

Trop Cookie x Animal Cookies

Trop Cookie x Animal Cookies
Trop Cookie x Animal Cookies

Tropicana cookies x —– $10

Tropicana cookies x Animal cookies is a variety from the finite volume catalog of Ripper Seeds. These 

guys never come to an end to bombshell us with their limited editions, always alter, always new, always elect.

Animal cookies is a hybrid of Girl Scout cookies and Fire Og Bx3. The sample used is a phenotype with 

dominance cookies but the presence of blaze Og Bx3 is impregnated in its offspring providing typical 

characteristics of the Og. Animal cookies stands out for its fast and vigorous extension and for its 

manufacture of hard and compact flowers that will change their tone at the end of flowering towards 

dark greens and purples. A plant with a significant “Bag appeal” that needs little food to show its talent. 

The tropical counterpoint will be provided by the Tropicana cookies with its nuances of orange, tropical 

and fruity flavor. This hybrid of cookies gives rise to copies of purple and pink colors preserving the 

full effect of cookies. Its flowering period ranges between 65 and 70 days and retains a good proportion 

of flower-leaves. Hard flowers loaded with resin. Durante su cultivo en indoor, se puede apreciar cómo se 

desarrolla a buen ritmo formando una estructura no demasiado frondosa, que permite la aplicación de diferentes 

tipos de técnicas de poda y guía, aunque hay algunos ejemplares que forman un ápice central bastante unificado, 

que conviene no podar. La ramificación lateral es bastante buena, crece con cierta separación y forma buenos 

racimos florales, lo que ayuda a que las cosechas puedan ser superiores a los 450 g, obteniendo cogollos de 

excelente tamaño en prácticamente toda la estructura. Su cosecha se puede realizar a partir de los 60 días, 

pudiendo incluso alargarse hasta los 70 días.